In October of 2005 I relocated to Jakarta to take up a new position
with the company I was working for in Edmonton (Master Flo). The
following are a mixed bunch of photos of various things in Jakarta,
some of the people I met there, and of course the decadent
apartment I was living in while there.

Jakarta and indeed Indonesia still hold a soft spot in my heart. Not
simply because I had a pretty sweet financial deal for being there
but because the country itself has so much character and really
made an impact on me even when I was not totally immersed in the

So many good memories that don't have any pictures what so
ever. Then again perhaps some of those memories should not
have photographic evidence! HEHEHE. If you get a chance you
should really check out the summary log of my adventures in
Indonesia from the following link. My particular favorite is still the
infamous Spiderman swing on the 16th floor but I'll let you check it

The pictures are thumbnails. Double click to enlarge and see full
Gotta Love drinking beer from tea pots and tea
cups during the holy month of Ramadan!

Jakarta 2004/ 2005