These were photos taken on my first trip to Indonesia back in the
summer of 2003. As most of you know this trip was work related
and paved the way for my future posting. While I was there I
worked pretty much the whole time but did manage to get out to
see a couple of things. One of which was my first trip to Bali (the
island of the gods). Needless to say I was hooked on Bali from the
start and even though it was only a weekend trip I had a marvelous

I got out to a couple of clubs, no pictures of that debacle though. I
also got on a tour to see some of the art work and handicraft of the
Balinese, which is world famous and of which I am members of my
family have a number of pieces. The wood carving is one of my
favorite things to see and purchase.

I also managed to get over to a place called Jimbaran beach for a
sunset seafood bonanza. Mmmmm, the fish was soooo good and I
got to watch the sunset on fishermen while I ate my dinner. Did I
mention that I got incredibly sunburnt. I think I peeled 3 times over
the next two weeks! HEHEHE

The pictures are thumbnails. Double click to enlarge and see full

Bali 2003